Silk Press

Desire Silk Press Kit is Four easy steps to achieving the perfect press by detoxing, hydrating, conditioning, and shiny satin silk to the hair. By adding these four products will give you the weightless, flowy, shiny hair you always dreamed of.


What is a silk press?

A silk press is a modern-day version of the traditional press and curl. Instead of using a hot comb to press the hair, a flat-iron is used. Also, instead of using products such as heavy oils/grease to press the hair, the silk press favors serums or very light oils.

Washing and Moisturizing Your Hair. Shampoo your hair twice with Desire Transformation Detox Shampoo, then once with Desire Transformation Moisturizing Shampoo. Before beginning, you need to remove all the dirt and oil from your hair. Lather with Desire Transformation Therapy Shampoo and rinse it out, and then repeat the process to ensure your hair is thoroughly clean. Lastly, condition and apply Desire Transformation Shiny Satin Silk style as desired.

Silk Press Kit